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"Traffick is an asset to all search engine marketers! As an old SEM guy myself, I always find it a good read. Your attitude keeps me coming back again and again. I wish I had the freedom to let mine show through like you do. Keep up the good work."
-- Craig Fifield, Product Manager - bCentral Submit It

"Just wanted to say that your post prompted me to read your article "Drop Keyword Alchemy to Focus on Stronger Content, and I liked your sense of humor so much I signed up for your newsletter too."
-- Marcia Yudkin, Moderator - I-Content

"Andrew, your burps are better than most people's concerted efforts!
-- Anne Holland, Publisher -

"Thank you again for a terrific service that you provide to the SEO community with your website!"
-- Anton Konikoff, President, Acronym Media

Just received my first edition of your e-mag...gotta say if that's the standard. I won't, repeat, won't, be pushing the "unsubscribe" button any time soon. What you have to say is cogent, pithy, no bullshit. That's just my speed.

As a marketing professional in the telecommunications business in Australia I'm grateful for your insights. Just wish I had run across you before this!... Keep it up!
-- James Gillard

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article, "Google Wins by Not Hiding the Banana." Sent the link to your article to the whole company. Very well done.
-- Cindy McCaffrey, VP, Corporate Communications, Google

It had to happen sooner or later. With search engines and portals crawling out of the woodwork left, right and centre, it was only a matter of time before a portal portal emerged. is just such a site, enabling you to keep tabs on which sites are offering which features, so you pick a portal based on something a little more scientific than a whim. AltaVista takes on Yahoo!, Lycos breaks a Web portal taboo - it's all happening here.
-- Daily Telegraph

"Congratulations on a job well done! Your Portal FAQs page is writing of the highest caliber. You have succeeded in writing with a flowing style, offering valuable information without pitches or biases. Thank you for caring about the language."
-- Bill Gruener, M.A. student (technical and professional writing), Northeastern University, Boston

"I always read your newsletter all the way through. There is always awesome information in it."
-- Steve Stratz, PR Manager,Consumer and Broadband Services, Infospace, Inc.

I'm a voracious reader of Traffick.
-- Steve Goldberg, Senior Vice President, Consumer Division, Go2Net

I'm a loyal and appreciative Traffick reader.
-- Scott Clark, CEO Searchlogic. Boulder, Colorado

The one-stop website that will surely keep the webmaster up to date. You'll find the latest news on all the search engine portals, plus keep abreast of the new ones coming online. New search trends are discussed, along with the evolution of the portals. There are also top stories making world headlines on the top search engines. You can subscribe to the weekly or monthly newsletter to keep up on the latest happenings. Maybe you'll want to enter the forum to get in on the "search engine talk," or just to exchange ideas with other webmasters in the "general discussion" area. A great, easy-to-use website.
-- Marvin Hull, Briefme e-zine review

Traffick is an interesting site that provides a wide range of information about consumer portals. Included are feature articles, traffic reports, news, reviews, tutorials and advice on getting the most from your portal of choice. There's also a FAQ to help you work out exactly what a portal is, software reviews and general advice on surfing the Web more effectively.
-- Jed Bowtell, IT Fairfax

Portal schmortal? tries to differentiate, distinguish and define: fastest, easiest to use, prettiest. A portal on portals - it had to happen.
-- "Surfworthy Site", Netvoice, the Official Online Newsletter of Pacific Internet, (Australian ISP) 20 July 2000

Traffick Weekly is a great "quick hit." I can scan through the digest and only read stories I'm interested in and Andrew does a good job of collecting search related news.
-- Marshall D. Simmonds, About - The Human Internet, Manager, Search Engine Relations

Traffick is a niche Internet site that focuses on explaining, exploring, and analyzing the major web portals such as Yahoo and AOL. Much of the world's Internet traffic routes through the major portal companies and their properties, but why? Traffick's columnists and news updates will help the reader to understand the importance of the portal companies in the new economy, and the site's regular test drives will help the user to get the most out of portal features. Traffick is definitely not just another list of useful links. It offers real insight into the worlds of web navigation, browsing, and the new media giants' battle for supremacy.
-- Web Today Destination - May 30, 2000

While we may find some of these portals to be more robust than others, keep in mind that the features we find important may be of little value to the next person. Simply put, choosing a portal is really a matter of personal preference. If you're still craving more information about portals, Traffick is an excellent resource, with a guide to all the major portals, related news headlines, and portal FAQs.
-- Aaron Sinclair and Anne Papina, Compuserve Internet Help

The ultimate deciding factor was simply whether I was using the site, tool, or resource on an ongoing basis. The award winners ... are not only good, but they're an essential part of the search toolkit I use every day.
-- Chris Sherman, Guide to Web Search Top 10 in 1999

Portals and "vortals" (vertical portals) are a fast-growing market in the online content world. I just found a great site that is basically a "portal portal" — Here you'll find news about portals, backgrounders, and a lot more. If you're interested in this market, definitely bookmark this site. —Amy
-- posted by Amy Gahran 5/16/2000 11:51:05 AM, The Content Exchange May 16, 2000

With so many millions of Web pages around these days, there's been an almost equally confusing profusion of search engines and directories to help you find what you want. helps bring some order to your Web searches by being a guide to portals, keeping tabs on which search engines are performing best and providing lots of advice ... on how to find what you want.
--  Maximum PC UK Nov. 26, 1999 site of the day

Paste a few links and a slow search engine on a page these days and you can call yourself a portal, it seems. The buzzword of the year on the Internet, portals range from the highly useful and organized to those overladen with ads and underladen with information. Cue the inevitable entry of ... the portal portal. Traffick has collected links, reviews, and opinions of every major portal site and has gauged the features, speeds, and effectiveness of its search engines. The Traffick site appears businesslike and offers plenty of information. If you don't know which portal site to favor, it offers some good analysis and a powerful feature comparison chart. Or just use Traffick as your portal to the portals. We await the Guide to Portals of Portals.
-- Netsurfer Digest, November 16, 1999 

The Traffick Newsletter is the companion to , "The Guide to Portals." Portal is the buzzword of the month in Internet circles and it seems everyone and their brother is out to establish the next great portal site. Which are the best? Which provide the most information? How do you find the good portals?

Traffick answers those questions and more in their newsletter and on their website. They have made it their goal to be the portal about portals (what is this world coming to)! And they do an excellent job. In addition to a digest of important news stories pertaining to portals, the newsletter contains tutorials and advice on how to navigate the portal world. 
-- – Issue #45 – November 29, 1999

Despite the abundance of services and tools offered by the major portals, I still tend to think of them as search engines with some other bells and whistles attached. This isn't fair, but in all honesty I don't have the time to explore all of the offerings served up by the major portals.
That's starting to change, thanks to Traffick. Traffick bills itself as "The Guide to Portals," and does a great job of living up to its name, testing key features of the portals like personalization, instant messaging and email, and writing no-nonsense reviews that can guide readers to the best features the portals have to offer.

Traffick features columns, tutorials, and other articles. All of the major portals have their own "Traffick Report" with an overview of the service, notes, news briefs, and relevant links for more information. There is also a useful comparison chart, indicating the additional services provided above and beyond search. If you're thinking about choosing a particular portal for your start page or customized set of services, this chart can really help. ...
If you're a serious user of search engines—um, I mean portals, Traffick offers a welcome new and fresh look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the overall offerings available at the major services. Keep your eyes on them; I suspect their traffic has just begun to grow.
-- Guide to Web Search - Worth A Look, Nov. 12, 1999 

Designed to help users understand and make better use of portals, Traffick offers several helpful features. Probably the best of these are the articles and tutorials written by Traffick's columnists. These range from tips on customizing popular portals to comparisons of selected sites to reports on various ebusiness ventures. Newer users may also appreciate the Traffick Reports and comparisons of the major portals. Current Internet news, some "cool tools," a forum, and (annotated) related links round out the site.
-- Michael de Nie, Editor, Internet Scout Report

I guess it had to happen. A portal about portals. Portals are heavily trafficked websites, like Yahoo, MSN, and Go2Net, that categorize and guide people to topical sites. Traffick's site and weekly newsletter is a quick, tightly edited read about these important Internet resources. Some of the latest top stories are "Seven Things You Didn't Know about Looksmart," "Verticals and Content Engines: The Next Generation of Searching," and "Playing Favorites: The Art of Bookmarking." What busy person who relies on the Internet for truly meaningful information could resist this must-read newsletter? The Traffick Weekly Newsletter is one of the fastest ways I have found so far to keep on top of key Internet trends.

Shirley De Rose, Editor, Computer: Web & Internet

Maailman suosituimmat portaalit kuten Alta Vista, AOL, Yahoo jne sisältävät
tuhansia sivuja ja satoja hyödyllisiä työkaluja. Selkeyttä kaaokseen tarjoaa
Traffick, joka tuo esiin ja analysoi portaalien parhaita palveluja ja uusia piirteitä.
-- Hammelina City Library, Finland

On assiste à la multiplication de sites multiservices, ajoutant au moteur de recherche, qui reste le coeur de l'offre de service et la motivation première des consultations des internautes, des services d'information (actualités, informations financière, sportive, météorologique, etc.), des services de messagerie électronique et de conversation en ligne (chat) gratuits, des répertoires de personnes et de collectivités, l'accès à des sites de commerce électronique (voyages, biens culturels, etc.), accès à des sites "communautaires" (pages personnelles regroupées par thèmes). Le développement de ces sites passe le plus souvent par des rapprochements capitalistiques entre sociétés, qui défraient régulièrement la chronique du Web. On les désigne depuis peu par l'expression « sites portails » (portals). Consulter le site Traffick : the guide to portals pour une évaluation de ces services annexes.
-- University of Paris: web resources

With so many search engines and portals claiming to give you the best leg-up on to the Internet, it's hard to work out which is best. is best described as a 'portal portal', helping you to keep track of which sites are offering which features.
-- Richclickings - Great New Sites (UK)

Traffick preist sich als als "Führer zu den Portalen. Der "Guide to Portals" durchsucht zehn Portale von Altavista bis Yahoo!. Zusatzangebote wie News oder Links zu anderen Suchmaschinen runden den Service ab. Es ist wohl nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis ein Führer durch die Portal-Guides erscheint...
-- Eurogay, Nov. 25, 1999

Een goede analyse van de mogelijkheden en onmogelijkheden van bovengenoemde portals is te vinden bij Traffick ( Middels een elektronische nieuwsbrief kan men tevens op de hoogte worden gehouden van de meest recente ontwikkelingen.
-- KUB – Bibliotheek (A Netherlands university library)

Traffick retter sig mod slutbrugere med information, artikler, vejledninger og
nyheder om de større amerikanske søgemaskiner og webindekser. 
-- A Danish library, Jan. 2000



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