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"Paid To Read" On FBI's Radar
By Detlev Johnson, Sept. 29, 2006
Even though they decline to prosecute, and no laws may actually be broken, Paid To Read (PTR) gangs of clickers now appear on the FBI's radar.

They Don't Get It (Yet): A Look Back at the Rude Awakening that Was SES
By Andrew Goodman, 8/29/2004
An up-close view of the first ever Search Engine Strategies date in Canada, May 11-12, 2004

The "Real" Numbers Offer Clue to Google's Huge Lead
By Andrew Goodman, 6/14/2004
For the past year I've been trying hard to hammer home the point that Google's lead in terms of search referrals is greater than it ever was, and greater than you might think. Never argue with the marketplace.

By the Numbers: Google IPO Filing Tells Story of '03
By Andrew Goodman, 4/30/2004
It may be awhile before the stock actually trades, but forced disclosure now gives us access to the key numbers for how the company did in 2003. Answer: pretty good.

The Book on's A9 Search Engine
By Cory Kleinschmidt, 4/26/2004
When last year announced they were going to launch their own search engine called A9, many search engine observers thought they were nuts. I was one of them. Now that it's here, however, I'm singing a different tune.

Make Your Own Pie: Google's Personalization Merely a Taste of Things to Come
By Andrew Goodman, 3/29/2004
Personalization is one of those hip online topics like weblogs, RSS, and streaming music that no commentator has felt the power to resist over the past couple of years.

Froogle Reaches One-Year Milestone
By Adam Eisner, 1/13/2004
A year after Google launched Froogle, its beta shopping search engine, both the notoriety and the quality of the product have improved. And just like last year, Google recently made some key changes in quiet fashion during the holiday season – most notably integrating Froogle search results into Google’s.

Just Say No to Google Algorithm Chasing
By Jill Whalen, 12/8/2003
So I guess the thing on everyone's mind is Google's major change in algorithm. Many of you have written to ask me my thoughts on this and what you need to do, etc., etc. Here's the thing. I don't chase algorithms, and neither should you.

Prepare to be Monetized, Punk: Google Plays Sherriff with Commercially-Oriented Search Listings
By Andrew Goodman, 12/1/2003
Google recently made far-reaching changes to the way it ranks search results, and the search marketing community has been abuzz with tales of woe ever since.

Google Alert Shows the Power of Google's Web API Program
By Cory Kleinschmidt, 10/15/2003
One of the first applications of Google's Web API with universal appeal was Google Alert, which tracks searches automatically and e-mails you when Google's search results change for those terms. That's a great timesaver and a new way of researching information on the Web.

Will Content Targeting Work This Time Around?
By Andrew Goodman, 3/15/2003
Google's mixed up some new secret sauce to better target keyword-based ads to topical content, but it seems as if this is a partial, evolutionary step towards fuller incorporation of semantic analysis into search.

Search Engine Industry Predictions for 2003 and Beyond
By Andrew Goodman, 1/13/2003
As Traffick Monthly shifts to Traffick Occasional, the editor offers a few predictions for the coming year in the search engine biz before settling down to work on the premium subscriber newsletter, Page Zero Advisor.

Differentiation Can Be Brutal in the Web Search Business
By Andrew Goodman, 1/9/2003
The implicit positioning statements of today's search engine contenders can be sobering. Altavista: "We're yesterday's search engine." Hotbot: "Somebody else's search. Somebody else's engine."

Explaining the Recent Yahoo/Google Changes
By Jill Whalen, 10/30/2002
There are many implications to these changes - all for the better, in my opinion. Google has proven that having relevant search results can make you queen of the prom. Perhaps Yahoo hopes to be king?

Behold the Mighty Pterodactyl: Meta Search Lives!
By Andrew Goodman, 9/29/2002
If you believe everything you read, you’d probably think that there is absolutely no way to use a cool Internet search tool without being bowled over with paid advertising. Not so.

Google Uses Meta Tags Sparingly, But Should You? (Enough Already, Part 2)
By Andrew Goodman, 9/16/2002
If meta keywords were taken seriously, search results would be like a giant landfill overwhelming a few bushels of good apples.

An End to Metatags (Enough Already, Part 1)
By Andrew Goodman, 9/2/2002
If you can read this meta description tag, then the author's wish for the end of metatags has not yet come true. Someday, it will.

Google's Endless Summer
By Andrew Goodman, 8/28/2002
A recent tour of Google headquarters, and a highly cordial meeting with staff responsible for their advertising programs, offered me palpable confirmation: This is a young company on top of the world but taking nothing for granted.

FTC Wants Clear Ad Disclosure in Search Results
By Paul J. Bruemmer, 7/4/2002
It will be interesting to watch how major search engine companies respond to the FTC's disclosure guidelines for paid listings.

Will Google Defend its Yahoo Turf?
By Andrew Goodman, 6/24/2002
Irresponsible speculation: Yahoo will stick with the status quo.

Excite Metasearch Serves Up Equal Doses of Innovation and Monetization
By Andrew Goodman, 5/11/2002
The Excite Metasearch story looks like a business model story; a successful investment by Infospace in a known Internet brand name at a discount price. But there is nonetheless some innovation and no small passion for relevance under the hood.

AltaVista's Own Gaffes Stranger than Anything The Register Can Make Up
By Andrew Goodman, 4/23/2002
The Traffick weblog springs to life with a disturbing tale of AltaVista deja vu.

Teoma Adds Style to Jeeves' Substance
By Andrew Goodman, 4/2/2002
Teoma gives a boost to Ask Jeeves' relevance, and continues to shine as an unbeatable stand-alone research tool.

Which Search Engine is Really #1? Metrics Agencies Close in on Reality
By Andrew Goodman, 2/28/2002
When 'search specific' traffic is broken out of online usage statistics, MSN claims a slight lead over Yahoo, with Google claiming a surprising third place ahead of AOL. AltaVista is almost nonexistent.

Search Engines Are Still in the Model T Era
By Andrew Goodman, 12/17/2001
What does the future hold for search engine technology companies? What about larger companies like Yahoo which are still heavily identified with search? Can they survive on their own? How will they prosper? What technologies loom on the horizon? These are the kinds of open-ended questions I'm asked fairly often.

Overture Makes Graceful Exit from "Search Engine" Business
By Andrew Goodman, 10/17/2001
GoTo's name change to Overture coincides with a refocusing of its image as an advertising middleman. In this broader arena, Overture can't boast about being leader of the pack.

Google Wins by Not Hiding the Banana
By Andrew Goodman, 8/24/2001
Industry experts point to a variety of reasons for Google's success. The foundation of their positive buzz was a singular focus and an excellent product. Or as Godin puts it, they didn't hide the banana.

FAST Search Targets Enterprise Clients and Mid-Range Webmasters with Site Search Products
Andrew Goodman, 6/25/2001
FAST Search is leveraging the 'super scalability' of its search engine to offer robust site search products for mid-level webmasters and large ecommerce sites.

Market Forces May Solve Search Engines' "Tragedy of the Commons"
By Robert Woodhead, 2/28/2001
The 'death of free submission' is a good thing. Paid inclusion should lead to less cluttered search indexes and more solvent search engine companies.

HotLinks Taps Bookmarks to Build Scalable Internet Directory
Andrew Goodman, 12/11/2000
HotLinks is an online bookmark service that is more than meets the eye. Its HotLinks Guide is a giant Internet directory that contains many links missing in Yahoo!, Looksmart, and ODP.

Why Search Engines Must Continue to Be Referees - Part 2
By Andrew Goodman, 11/24/2000
If search engines fail to be tough with greedy marketers, the game will be spoiled for everyone. The perceived legitimacy of search results depends on the search engines and directories continuing to strive for relevance and objectivity.

Why Search Engines Must Continue to Be Referees - Part 1
By Andrew Goodman, 11/24/2000
If search engines fail to be tough with greedy marketers, the game will be spoiled for everyone. The perceived legitimacy of search results depends on the search engines and directories continuing to strive for relevance and objectivity.

Why Search Engine Marketing Works
By Andrew Goodman, 10/18/2000
Marketing separates success from failure for many online ventures. Search engines and directories are perennial favorites. The explanation of their value often revolves around targeting, but it's also about legitimacy: it's not seen as advertising, even though it is. You can create your own authoritative image with a bit of extra attention to search engine promotion.

Looksmart Plays Community Trump Card with Zeal Acquisition
By Andrew Goodman, 10/1/2000
The move by LookSmart to acquire Zeal is an important one from an image standpoint. Companies whose living is 100% dependent on the Internet must show that they recognize the importance of knowledge exchange and interactivity as opposed to staying locked into top-down or broadcast-mode communications.

Searching for a Better Way: 6 Search Engine Trends
Andrew Goodman, 8/1/2000
Learn about the hottest trends in web searching technology with Traffick's six-part series on search trends. Popularity engines, meaning-based search, expert sites, metasearch, and more

Don't Search, Ask the Experts!
Andrew Goodman, 8/1/2000
With so many expert sites populating the Web, you don't always have to search to find an answer. Part five of Traffick's six-part series on web search innovations and trends.

Move Over, Exclamation Point, Here Comes Ask Jeeves
Andrew Goodman, 8/1/2000
Ask Jeeves lets you search the Internet by asking a question. Observers say its natural language technology is actually less important than the brute force work of a team of editors who put together custom answer sets for commonly asked questions. Part four of Traffick's six part series on web search innovations and trends.

Meaning-Based Search Redefines Web Sleuthing
Andrew Goodman, 8/1/2000
Meaning-based engines have developed proprietary lexicons that allow users to zero in on particular meanings for a given keyword or scan the text of a document and analyze the relationships among words. Examples are Oingo, SimpliFind and ejemoni. Part three of Traffick's six part series on web search innovations and trends.

Pushing the Metasearch Envelope
Andrew Goodman, 8/1/2000
Searching multiple search engines at once was a good idea. Metacrawler is the best known metasearch engine. Once the thrill wears off, we need to consider what makes a metasearch engine better. Part of Traffick's six part series on internet searching trends, Searching for a Better Way

Popularity Engines Rev Up Your Search
By Andrew Goodman, 8/1/2000
Popularity engines or reputation managers such as Google, Alexa, Direct Hit, and Yep attempt to measure how popular a site is with web surfers or how reputable a site is based on incoming links. The ranking technology is new, unproven, and controversial.


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