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Being Seen in New Zealand: The Lowdown on Kiwi Search Engines

New Zealand, although it has a small population, has a relatively large presence on the Internet. Informative sites - especially on topics relating to the country of New Zealand itself - abound. But how do you find all these excellent sites? One way is to use New Zealand search engines. Here are some of the most popular search engines in New Zealand.

Search New Zealand -

Search NZ is the largest search engine in the country. Your site will only be submitted if it a New Zealand site or contains information on New Zealand. You are likely to get a decent flow of traffic if you site is travel, tourism or community related. People usually use it wanting to discover more information about the country, so if your site sells books are something along those lines, you are unlikely to see much traffic from this search engine. Submission time is good. Generally I would expect to wait about a week until your site is indexed.

Xtra -

Xtra is part of Telecom New Zealand. They have now come together with MSN New Zealand to provide this portal. It provides much information, but they also run a search engine. Due to their high level of traffic (one of New Zealand’s most visited sites), your site is likely receive some good traffic. Again if you are in the travel industry then you are going to receive more traffic compared to something unrelated to New Zealand. To submit you need to go through LookSmart.

Access -

AccessNZ provides a searchable directory of websites maintained by New Zealand companies and organisations. Access NZ ranks web sites using a unique popularity algorithm.

Anzwers -

This is an Australian and New Zealand search engine, it receives reasonable traffic and will provide you with the odd visitor, if you have a New Zealand website I would definitely recommend submitting. Anzwers is powered by Yahoo and Google.

Whats On New Zealand -

A small directory of New Zealand sites compiled by human editors. Whats On receives reasonable traffic, not as much as the others, however their list of sites is much smaller, so you can expect to see some decent traffic if you can list your site with them. They are quite strict on their submission policy as they want to keep the best and most relevant sites for their categories. Submission time is generally very quick, usually 1-5 days, and you are notified if your site is accepted or declined.

New Zealand Explorer -

They claim to have a fast and accurate search engine, they also have some more advanced options when it comes to searching. Submission times are relatively fast however it is unlikely you will notice much difference in your traffic when your site has been indexed.


Lee Davies is a New Zealand web site promoter. Lee has been positioning websites in New Zealand since 1997. He graduated from Canterbury University with a B.Com specializing in electronic marketing. He has since had much success with his own sites and customers’ sites. One of his own sites even became one of the largest 500 in New Zealand. He can be reached by visiting


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